Internet….Here I come!

Despite my technological deficiencies, I will take this tremulous step into the inconceivably massive space known as… the internet! My purpose…is to be yet another one of those book blogger people. Actually my purpose is entirely selfish. I am starting this blog to learn about more books that I probably wouldn’t come across under normal circumstances. So off I go!


Blog, bLog, blOg, bloG…

I must first start with a confession, that I do not  blog now without a measure of guilt. I am actually at this precise moment suppose to be working on my paper for Renaissance Drama which happens to be due tomorrow at 11am. I also must confess that I actually don’t have anything interesting to blog about, and you may be in all certainty reading this right now thinking ‘what a waste a of time!’. And I say to you good Sir/Madam…that you are absolutely right!

The truth is that I am bibliophile, and as far as I am concerned the only thing better than a book, is a box full of books. So while I intend to write reviews for the the books I will read here on in, I would also like to entreat you good blogger to suggest new and interesting things for me to read!

Yours truly,

The guy who needs to finish writing his paper.